Monday, September 7, 2009


Guest blogger: Rob Raborn

Anticipation is met with trepidation as Katherine and I seek new ways to get this little gal to come out and play! As you may know, we live near the holler in 'ole Kentucky. Being so, we have access to Appalachian literature, including works on pregnancy in the hills. Chapter eight in the hill-people medical works "Chillin with your Chillen" is all about inducing labor. Heeding the book's wisdom, Katherine quickly took to mowing our lawn at a mere 39 and a half weeks preggo. After a while, we thought her water broke! However, she was just sweating from the hard work.

I guess hard labor on Labor Day Weekend doesn't always end in hard labor.

Anyway, I took a picture to document our unsuccessful attempt at meeting our little girl sooner than we hoped.

We are very much looking forward to sharing our newest miracle with all of you! -Rob