Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Raborn B & B

When Rob and I moved to Kentucky and then to Virginia, it was important for us to find a place with a second bedroom and then third when Harper was born, for any guests that would stop by.   We definitely love having people visit us and getting to love on them by cookin' up some good food and showing them hospitality the best way we know how!  A little banana pancakes, bacon, and french-pressed coffee....

So, this summer is starting out very similar to last summer in Wilmore.  My brother (Paul) and sister-in-law (Annette) are visiting this weekend and then my sister (Margie) will be staying with us for the first week in July....followed by Rob's Ema and brother (Trevor) for a couple of days and our friends the Boyds for a night, then my mom is visiting the 3rd week of July for her birthday.  Phewww....then, we will have Rob's mom come in August.  Love, love, love the fam and friends...keep it coming! 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holliday Lake State Park

We've been making day trips to the state parks near Farmville and today we ventured out to Holliday Lake that was pretty amazing!  They had a beach area, lots of picnic areas, and paddle boats.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Professional Mover!

Today we said goodbye to our friends, The Boyds, that left this morning for Winston Salem.  We met them about 5 months ago, shortly after we moved to Farmville.  They were our welcoming know those people that are just really good at making people feel like they made the right decision to move and a provide a big sigh of relief that the Lord has yet again provided people that you connect with!! He is so good and keeps providing those relationships for Rob and I.  And let me tell you, we don't take that for granted and really feel so blessed that the Lord cares about those small things He knows will make us so happy.

So to the Boyds, Strebecks, and Mostroms...we are praying for you and your transitions.  That the Lord will provide those people again to your family to be life-giving, encouraging, and community that helps you continue serving the Lord.