Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas morning in VA

Rob after drinking his morning coffee.
Harper in her Christmas robe...very happy in the morning!!
About to chew on some shiny red paper :)

Christmas was really special this year, having family with us in a new town after only a week and of course getting to spend it with our little Harpsichord. She loved the shiny Christmas paper and tried to eat the corners of the book she got from Bma. Little did we think that we would even get the boxes unpack, let alone put up any decorations, but we did...and a little table-top Christmas tree that my mom sent me my first year away a college to put in my room at the time. As things got unpacked, I kept thinking "wow, we are so blessed to have each other and to have our family with us."
Backing up to the night before, our Christmas dinner will certainly go down in my memory as the best way to sum up our move only days before Christmas. It may even end up being a tradition of funny sorts...a table full of KFC popcorn chicken, 6 pieces of original recipe chicken, coleslaw, and potato wedges. This is what Rob and his brother Trevor could get when we all decided that we were hungry and the place would be closing in 10 minutes from our house. They were the last ones to get in the restaurant and then only because of fate that the lady in front of them changed her mind, did they end up getting what was leftover. We laughed and enjoyed our dinner after thanking Jesus that the time was about him and not about the decorations or a fancy dinner.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I can't believe that it's already the end of November. Harper is 3 months old and we are coming to an end with our time in Wilmore. After we moved here, 3 years ago, I struggled with the small town feel and now I'm sad to say goodbye. Thanksgiving dinner this year really summed up our relationships and the "family" we have grown so close to. There were 25 of us, including children, at the clubhouse in the back neighbor where we live. Here are some pictures taken by the Strebecks and the Brooks.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Guest blogger: Rob Raborn

Anticipation is met with trepidation as Katherine and I seek new ways to get this little gal to come out and play! As you may know, we live near the holler in 'ole Kentucky. Being so, we have access to Appalachian literature, including works on pregnancy in the hills. Chapter eight in the hill-people medical works "Chillin with your Chillen" is all about inducing labor. Heeding the book's wisdom, Katherine quickly took to mowing our lawn at a mere 39 and a half weeks preggo. After a while, we thought her water broke! However, she was just sweating from the hard work.

I guess hard labor on Labor Day Weekend doesn't always end in hard labor.

Anyway, I took a picture to document our unsuccessful attempt at meeting our little girl sooner than we hoped.

We are very much looking forward to sharing our newest miracle with all of you! -Rob

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tomorrow or 3 weeks from now?

We get to see our second ultrasound tomorrow morning! I can't wait to see how big she is and hear if our due date will get changed or not. Last time we were able to see her suck her thumb :) This Saturday is our birthing class at the hospital that will include a tour of the place, etc. do women do this? How can I possibly go 3 more weeks? I can't hardly walk with my toes stuffed like little sausages and so hot/swollen that I can't feel my skin anymore. She is still kicking all day (and night), which I'm surprised since there is very little room left. My goal?...To walk once around the block everyday til she comes. Today was a success, but pretty tough making it up the hill.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

33 weeks already!

Today B-ma and Ema will be getting here from Knoxville. We have plenty planned for the weekend: Cincinnati Saturday, Jungle Jim's, and other places plotted out on our road trip...should be lots of fun. They may need a wheelchair for me this time :)

Also, Amberly is leaving to come back today with her mom. Can't wait to see her and the kids. Good luck on the 16 hour road trip!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's been going on in July

1. Great 4th of July! Parade, fireworks, watermelon, and sparklers. Also, Grilling out (thanks dad for the purchase!) with the amazing veggies that are coming up in the garden.
Ok...I wasn't feeling too hungry for dinner, so this is a pic from just Rob's dinner :)

2. Trip to Georgia to see great friends at a lake house (about 2 weeks ago)....Facebook has all the group pics and shared albums.

3. Redesigning the living room all thanks to Charlie! Bamboo shades, white curtains, white paper lanterns, and couch cover....let the nesting begin.

4. Baby room projects and painting
Sewing the changing pad

I'll work on the other letters once we decide for sure on the first name...

3 mirrors to hang on the wall with glass knobs and a canvas (you can see in the mirror) to hang over the dresser.
Still have to sew ribbon on the valance to match the bedding.

Soon to come....
1. Mom-in-law and Ema are coming to visit this week
2. Fun trip to Cincinnati

Can't wait!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Don't give Rob the gun!

So, we decided that we were ready and geared up to venture into Babies R Us yesterday afternoon. The first time we went (just to scope out the place), we were really overwhelmed and never wanted to return. But yesterday wasn't so bad, because we went in with a game plan...knowing what items we needed, where they were in the store, and to not to take too long deciding on the big items.

The girl helping us set up the account said, "It's ok to register for 250 items or something...that's average." WHAT?!!! We walked out with around 30 and thought that was too much. Here are a couple of pictures after the pressure was off and we felt good about keeping our time under an hour....

I just couldn't pass up this little dress.

30 Weeks

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My leg almost fell off!

As I tossed in bed last night and remember stretching a little, I could tell a calf cramp was coming on...but thought, "I will stretch it out a little more and save myself from a "charley horse." Well, WHAM!!!!!!!!!!! It was the worse Charley Horse of my life! I let out a yelp and woke Rob up (which he probably thought I was going into early labor). I couldn't believe how long it lasted. Next time....just punch me in the face.

28 weeks on Friday

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday of fun and beautiful weather!

The day started off at the Lexington Farmer's Market...

Kelly bought a kohlrobi that the woman at the stand told us it tastes like an apple...not so sure about that one.

Then off to Alfalfa's Restaurant on Main Street

Rob planting the banana pepper plant he bought at the farmer's market.

A stop at the Jacksons... little Cora

Friday, May 29, 2009

Project #3 Complete

I just finished my 3rd sewing project that was part of my birthday present from Rob. It was so much fun sewing with Hannah and sadly she will be moving in 2 weeks to go back to Maine with her husband Jason and little girls Margo and Eloise.

Project #1 Diaper Bag

Project #2 Nursing Cape

Project #3 Ribbon Toy

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Popping the Balloons

This morning after stepping on slightly deflated balloons on the kitchen floor....we popped all of them to complete an exciting, busy couple of weeks. These balloons were from Rob's birthday party 2 weekends ago and added to the decorations from when we celebrated his graduation! I'm so proud of him and it was pretty great celebrating it with his mom, dad and brothers. We still have a graduation balloon and the birthday banner up in the living room with the tv unit displayed with cards. Our house really looks like a celebration!

Now, we are off to a great summer. My dad is coming in June and then my sister Margie a couple weeks later. Because this town is so quiet during the summer, I'm looking forward to going to the Lexington Farmers Market, breakfasts at Alfalfa's, and walks around wilmore.

Rob took a picture of us crammed into the car riding back from graduation and just happen to catch my face through the seat!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sarah's Baby Shower

This was last Saturday at Marilyn Elliott's House for our friend Sarah's Baby Shower. It was adorable and had an owl theme going. Definitely one the most adorable showers that I've been too.

Sarah is apart of our small group (left) that started out as a running group a little over a year ago and continued as a group after our training. It's been the best! These girls are amazing!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

Planting seeds for the spring has officially begun! This is only the second year we have tried this, but I couldn't wait to start. I worked on the flower seeds for the front yard, which I think I'm going to try to put around the mailboxes and bushes.

Rob worked on all of the yummy vegetables. I think we have 2 types of squash and tomatoes, carrots, and green beans.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sewing Lesson 101

Thread, thread, thread, and that damn bobbin!!! PHheewww....I think I'm finally overcoming my frustrations with sewing! I started my first lesson with my friend Hannah last night and sucessfully completed 3 napkins. Let's just give it up for Hannah for her extraordinary talent and mad teaching skills.

My lessons are a gift from Rob for my birthday, because of how badly I have wanted to learn to sew. I had borrowed a sewing machine from Megan (months ago!) and have tried learning from my mom for years. I just want to throw the machine, material, and scissors across the room whenever I try. But yes, finally yesterday, I think I understand how to thread the machine and keep the needle threaded. Here we go!! This means pillows, baby stuff, and much more to come!

Wilmore Community Center

I don't know how this happened, but we have lived here almost 3 years and finally just went to the Wilmore Commuity Center! Almost right across from our house, the parking lot I met in for 4 months every Saturday for our running group, and a place I have heard others talk about numerous times. How did this happen? Seriously! I love thrift stores!
Rob did find a treasure in the rough....a mint condition, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story book from 1990 for $0.27!!!!!