Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas morning in VA

Rob after drinking his morning coffee.
Harper in her Christmas robe...very happy in the morning!!
About to chew on some shiny red paper :)

Christmas was really special this year, having family with us in a new town after only a week and of course getting to spend it with our little Harpsichord. She loved the shiny Christmas paper and tried to eat the corners of the book she got from Bma. Little did we think that we would even get the boxes unpack, let alone put up any decorations, but we did...and a little table-top Christmas tree that my mom sent me my first year away a college to put in my room at the time. As things got unpacked, I kept thinking "wow, we are so blessed to have each other and to have our family with us."
Backing up to the night before, our Christmas dinner will certainly go down in my memory as the best way to sum up our move only days before Christmas. It may even end up being a tradition of funny sorts...a table full of KFC popcorn chicken, 6 pieces of original recipe chicken, coleslaw, and potato wedges. This is what Rob and his brother Trevor could get when we all decided that we were hungry and the place would be closing in 10 minutes from our house. They were the last ones to get in the restaurant and then only because of fate that the lady in front of them changed her mind, did they end up getting what was leftover. We laughed and enjoyed our dinner after thanking Jesus that the time was about him and not about the decorations or a fancy dinner.