Thursday, February 18, 2010

Check out this blog:
This site has been so helpful with saving money before I go and buy the Sunday paper for the coupons (I mean I actually read the entire paper for the news). And although I'm not at obsessed with coupons yet, I did get one of those looks at the grocery store for carrying a binder. More to laugh at myself about.

I'm still working on it.....a superwoman cape for Harper that is light pink and green with an H on the will be posted soon. And she sat up from laying down on her own this morning! I cracked up, because I didn't expect to turn around and see her sitting up and laughing at me.

"Workin' on my fitness, he's my witness":
So, I felt like it was time to start on some type of routine to work out again. I've been getting more sleep and Harper is taking a nap every morning, so I thought I would start slow on something whether it was a walk, a dvd, or lift some light weights. Going on week 3, I have been alternating 30 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of Yoga, with a basic upper/lower body routine and 10 minutes of pilates on every other day.

Pheww, I can't officially say that I'm actually doing pilates or yoga yet (by the look of things), but I'm trying. My core hasn't been worked out in over a year, so right now I'm huffing and buffing and getting slight headaches afterwards.

Goal list update:
I met with the director of the MBA program at Longwood University last week and went over the details and discussed what I could use the degree for and what program may be the way to go. It was very helpful, but some bad news...I have to wait 12 months to become a Virginia resident. That means if I were to start the 6 credit hour class this summer, it would be like $800 a credit hour...aka rip off!!!! Good will give me time to study and take the GMAT.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Fresh Air

A blog can be a hard task to keep up with if you are an all-or-nothing kind of person like myself. Do I have time to write here and there?...Yes. Do I? No! Because I have the thought that if I don't have time to edit it and get all of my thoughts out perfectly, than I can't do it at all. I think of my friend Amberly when I get to thinking about this time thing, because she talked to me and others about community and investing ourselves with what time we do have (even if it's not perfect, convenient, and PLANNED ahead of time!). Yes....PLANNED ahead of time. Arggg.

I struggle with community being spontaneous, so of course I struggle with blogging and status updates in the same way. Could I just write something without it being perfect or feeling like it's going out being judged? Will I get over my insecurities long enough to actually write and become a better writer for doing it?!! Possibly sharing my thoughts that it might help someone else?

So now that I've gotten that out of the way, unto blogging about the good things going on in my life!

Yesterday I talked with an old friend and felt completely refreshed and energized after I got off the phone with her. Those kind of calls are the encouragement that I love and definitely reminds me why community and accountability are so important. That we do have people rooting for us and want to support us regardless of our imperfections or the season of life that we may currently be in. Thank you friend!! It really was a fresh breath of air for me!!

Here's to many more blogs!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Better late then never....right?

Top Things I want to do before I turn 31:

Go back to school (Take the GMAT first)
Be featured in Self magazine
Organize a 5k race for a local food pantry
To have a heart healthy lifestyle

Ok, so now that I have written it down...will I be able to do it?