Thursday, February 18, 2010

Check out this blog:
This site has been so helpful with saving money before I go and buy the Sunday paper for the coupons (I mean I actually read the entire paper for the news). And although I'm not at obsessed with coupons yet, I did get one of those looks at the grocery store for carrying a binder. More to laugh at myself about.

I'm still working on it.....a superwoman cape for Harper that is light pink and green with an H on the will be posted soon. And she sat up from laying down on her own this morning! I cracked up, because I didn't expect to turn around and see her sitting up and laughing at me.

"Workin' on my fitness, he's my witness":
So, I felt like it was time to start on some type of routine to work out again. I've been getting more sleep and Harper is taking a nap every morning, so I thought I would start slow on something whether it was a walk, a dvd, or lift some light weights. Going on week 3, I have been alternating 30 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of Yoga, with a basic upper/lower body routine and 10 minutes of pilates on every other day.

Pheww, I can't officially say that I'm actually doing pilates or yoga yet (by the look of things), but I'm trying. My core hasn't been worked out in over a year, so right now I'm huffing and buffing and getting slight headaches afterwards.

Goal list update:
I met with the director of the MBA program at Longwood University last week and went over the details and discussed what I could use the degree for and what program may be the way to go. It was very helpful, but some bad news...I have to wait 12 months to become a Virginia resident. That means if I were to start the 6 credit hour class this summer, it would be like $800 a credit hour...aka rip off!!!! Good will give me time to study and take the GMAT.

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amberly said...

good for you for working out! :) good luck on GMAT prep (gulp).