Thursday, July 30, 2009

33 weeks already!

Today B-ma and Ema will be getting here from Knoxville. We have plenty planned for the weekend: Cincinnati Saturday, Jungle Jim's, and other places plotted out on our road trip...should be lots of fun. They may need a wheelchair for me this time :)

Also, Amberly is leaving to come back today with her mom. Can't wait to see her and the kids. Good luck on the 16 hour road trip!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's been going on in July

1. Great 4th of July! Parade, fireworks, watermelon, and sparklers. Also, Grilling out (thanks dad for the purchase!) with the amazing veggies that are coming up in the garden.
Ok...I wasn't feeling too hungry for dinner, so this is a pic from just Rob's dinner :)

2. Trip to Georgia to see great friends at a lake house (about 2 weeks ago)....Facebook has all the group pics and shared albums.

3. Redesigning the living room all thanks to Charlie! Bamboo shades, white curtains, white paper lanterns, and couch cover....let the nesting begin.

4. Baby room projects and painting
Sewing the changing pad

I'll work on the other letters once we decide for sure on the first name...

3 mirrors to hang on the wall with glass knobs and a canvas (you can see in the mirror) to hang over the dresser.
Still have to sew ribbon on the valance to match the bedding.

Soon to come....
1. Mom-in-law and Ema are coming to visit this week
2. Fun trip to Cincinnati

Can't wait!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Don't give Rob the gun!

So, we decided that we were ready and geared up to venture into Babies R Us yesterday afternoon. The first time we went (just to scope out the place), we were really overwhelmed and never wanted to return. But yesterday wasn't so bad, because we went in with a game plan...knowing what items we needed, where they were in the store, and to not to take too long deciding on the big items.

The girl helping us set up the account said, "It's ok to register for 250 items or something...that's average." WHAT?!!! We walked out with around 30 and thought that was too much. Here are a couple of pictures after the pressure was off and we felt good about keeping our time under an hour....

I just couldn't pass up this little dress.

30 Weeks