Friday, July 3, 2009

Don't give Rob the gun!

So, we decided that we were ready and geared up to venture into Babies R Us yesterday afternoon. The first time we went (just to scope out the place), we were really overwhelmed and never wanted to return. But yesterday wasn't so bad, because we went in with a game plan...knowing what items we needed, where they were in the store, and to not to take too long deciding on the big items.

The girl helping us set up the account said, "It's ok to register for 250 items or something...that's average." WHAT?!!! We walked out with around 30 and thought that was too much. Here are a couple of pictures after the pressure was off and we felt good about keeping our time under an hour....

I just couldn't pass up this little dress.

30 Weeks

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steve and randel hambrick said...

is that the stroller yall picked?? cute