Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Fresh Air

A blog can be a hard task to keep up with if you are an all-or-nothing kind of person like myself. Do I have time to write here and there?...Yes. Do I? No! Because I have the thought that if I don't have time to edit it and get all of my thoughts out perfectly, than I can't do it at all. I think of my friend Amberly when I get to thinking about this time thing, because she talked to me and others about community and investing ourselves with what time we do have (even if it's not perfect, convenient, and PLANNED ahead of time!). Yes....PLANNED ahead of time. Arggg.

I struggle with community being spontaneous, so of course I struggle with blogging and status updates in the same way. Could I just write something without it being perfect or feeling like it's going out being judged? Will I get over my insecurities long enough to actually write and become a better writer for doing it?!! Possibly sharing my thoughts that it might help someone else?

So now that I've gotten that out of the way, unto blogging about the good things going on in my life!

Yesterday I talked with an old friend and felt completely refreshed and energized after I got off the phone with her. Those kind of calls are the encouragement that I love and definitely reminds me why community and accountability are so important. That we do have people rooting for us and want to support us regardless of our imperfections or the season of life that we may currently be in. Thank you friend!! It really was a fresh breath of air for me!!

Here's to many more blogs!


Sarah said...

Just check out my blog. There are missed words, spelling mistakes, run-on sentences, and etc. My goal is to keep track of what the kids are doing, so I don't forget the funny and the important moments. Keep blogging, I like to hear what has been going on with you all. I miss you!

amberly said...

kudos! keep writing! :)

steve and randel hambrick said...

yay for finding time for blogging!! (and READING blogs, which i'm finally getting around to doing) :)
love you!