Thursday, April 15, 2010

This morning went by too quickly.  I needed to take it off from exercising because I felt like my hips were going to give out.  (Wow do I sound old!)  I just wanted to spend a little more time with Rob before he went to work....And so, Rob and I have been talking about going to the fish market and making some fish tacos from a seemingly yummy recipe I found.  We got there and had to wait too long and then Rob got called into a staff meeting earlier than planned.  Back up plan....go to Kroger and grabbed some groceries for dinner, etc. and get home.  I dropped my coupon binder in the parking lot from being flustered and in a hurry and then just thought..."Could I please just start the day over again?"  Of course all that was going on was wildly exaggerated in my head and the morning really wasn't that bad.  But, you know!, those times that if you could push the rewind button than maybe you would have more patience the second time around!!!  Anyway, I ended up with some free stuff at Kroger thanks to my coupons and made in home in time with only 15 minutes to spare for Rob to get back out of the door.  PHeewww! 

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amberly said...

ugh. i hate those times when nothing seems to be going as planned or expected or desires. yuk.