Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raborn Update

We've been having some fun the last couple of weeks seeing family and hanging out with friends...

The Carter Mountain Orchard with our friends Jen, Mike, and Owen....and our friends Jessie and Adam from Georgia.
Jessie is 8 months along!

The apple cider was great! 

The next weekend my dad came to visit from Pennsylvania and we took him out to the Chesterfield Berry Farm to pick out some pumpkins.  My Aunt Jeanette also visited from Raleigh, NC.  We took them both to picnic at Holiday Lake.
Fresh Apple Cider from the Mennonite Store in Farmville

Harper's fishing pole from Grandpa

Her Barbie Pole can really cast far!

Train ride at the pumpkin patch

There were so many good ones that we had a hard time picking one.

And now...
We are "enjoying" Harper walking and getting into EVERYTHING! 


Steve and Shannon Mersinger said...

you guys look so fabulous!!! miss you all!

JMS said...

Wow, we made it onto the Raborn blog and didn't even know it!