Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Harper has been using her new high chair in attempt to get her interested in food.  We haven't been too successful so far.  She really doesn't want anything we've rice cereal, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, banana, pear.  She is 7 months old now, but maybe she's not ready.  ???  Do you guys have any advice?


Dru said...

We had to start Israel on rice cereal that was incredibly runny - he drank it more than anything. I had gone back to work at the time, so he was taking my milk from a bottle. We just used a larger nipple so he could drink the cereal through the bottle. Once he got used to the taste, we gave him spoonfuls of thicker cereal. After he learned to eat it off the spoon, we began adding other things like applesauce to it to give it more flavor.

Once all of that happened, it was much easier to introduce other foods.

By the way...I really miss your family.

amberly said...

Try repetition instead of novelty. Like Dru said - same thing over and over until it works. If she's still used to breastmilk, you can mix cereal with that. Just keep letting her try a little every time you can.

And don't worry. My friend in Chicago has a little girl who just turned 1 and still only eats 1 or 2 foods. She's healthy and thriving.